How Much Is A Nose Job

The nose job coast starts from 50,000 and goes to 300,000. In this article we explore the details about nose job. Nose job means plastic surgery procedures to correcting the shape of nose or modify the shape of nose you can say change in the appearance of the nose that totally change the facial looks of a person

Types of nose job

There are two types of nose job that are used to be treated in plastic surgery.

  • Reconstructive nose job
  • Cosmetic surgery

In reconstructive nose job restored the shape and function of nose but in cosmetic surgery entirely improve the appearance of the nose with drastic changes. Now look the cost country wise. It might be different because of the geographical differences.

  • Country                                                cost
    Pakistan                                       50,000 to 300,000
  • Turkey                                         3,000$ to 7,000$
  • US                                                4,000$ to 15,000$
  • London                                         5,000 to 6,000$
  • Mexico                                         6,000$ to 9,000$
  • India                                            50,000 to 2.5 lakh

It is very essential point in nose job that the individual should be adult and grown up and have fully development of the nose. It is very tricky cosmetic surgery because of the breathing involvement. The breathing becomes very complicated because of the swelling and the procedures. it takes aprox 9 to 10 days to recover from the operative procedures. Now let’s answer the frequently asked question here      

Does nose job leave scare?

Very occasionally it leaves the scare but with the latest surgical techniques it’s not visible on nose. The chances are very low of visibility of scare. It also shows the expertise of the surgeon that doing the procedure.

What are the precautions before the nose job?

  • Rest well before operation
  • Regular cleaning of nasal cavity
  • Stop taking all painkillers medication
  • Stop drinking alcohol or smoking

What are the Precautions after nose job?

  • Don’t blow nose
  • Gently brush teeth
  • Avoid laughing hard and show less facial expression
  • Eat healthy food
  • Wear front open clothes

Is nose job pain full?

Yes, initially it is painful but pain covers with pain killers so the patient feels less pain after the operation.

How many days take to recover?

The breathing system affects in this procedure that’s way it’s tricky and crucial and patient can recover within 9 to 10 days. The implants remove after that.

Is nose job safe?

Yes it is safe treatment when it done by the experts otherwise it dangerous.    

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